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Springboro High School Hockey

Date Event Time Location Result Record
3-Nov Tryouts 8:00pm South Metro Ice    
4-Nov Tryouts 3:30pm South Metro Ice    
10-Nov Centerville 7:30pm South Metro Ice W 5-4  
11-Nov @Coffman 5:30pm Easton Chiller L 4-5  
12-Nov New Albany 2:30pm South Metro Ice T 2-2  
17-Nov @Findlay 7:00pm The Cube L 0-3  
18-Nov Skate with the Team 9:00pm South Metro Ice    
19-Nov @Coffman 6:40pm Dublin Chiller W 3-1 1-0-0
24-Nov @St Ignatius Blue 6:45pm Dublin Chiller W 3-2 (SO) 1-0-1
25-Nov New Albany 8:00am Dublin Chiller L 2-5 1-1-1
25-Nov @Jerome 6:00pm Dublin Chiller W 3-2 (SO) 1-1-2
26-Nov Upper Arlington 8:00am Dublin Chiller L 2-3 (SO) 1-1-3
1-Dec St Charles 7:30pm South Metro Ice L 2-4 1-2-3
2-Dec Thomas Worthington 5:00pm South Metro Ice W 6-2 2-2-3
3-Dec @DeSales 4:00pm Easton Chiller W 4-0 3-2-3
8-Dec Centerville- Hockey For a Cause 7:30pm South Metro Ice W 3-0 4-2-3
9-Dec Olentangy Orange 7:00pm South Metro Ice T 3-3 4-2-4
10-Dec @Gahanna 4:00pm Easton Chiller W 12-1 5-2-4
15-Dec @Olentangy Orange 8:30pm Easton Chiller W 4-2 6-2-4
16-Dec Olentangy 7:00pm South Metro Ice W 6-1 7-2-4
29-Dec @Moeller 6:00pm Northlands L 3-4 (OT) 7-3-4
30-Dec Olentangy Liberty 7:00pm South Metro Ice L 1-3 7-4-4
5-Jan Springboro Shootout- Elder 9:30pm South Metro Ice W 4-3 8-4-4
6-Jan Springboro Shootout- Beavercreek 8:00am South Metro Ice W 5-0 9-4-4
6-Jan Springboro Shootout- Sycamore 7:00pm South Metro Ice W 5-0 10-4-4
7-Jan Springboro Shootout- Elder 9:30am South Metro Ice W 4-0 11-4-4
12-Jan MLK Tourny- Mentor 8:10pm Chiller North L 1-4 11-5-4
13-Jan MLK Tourny- Olentangy Orange 8:20am Chiller North L 1-3 11-6-4
13-Jan MLK Tourny- New Albany 5:20pm Chiller North W 3-2 12-6-4
14-Jan MLK Tourny- Olentangy 9:40am Chiller North W 5-3 13-6-4
19-Jan Senior Night- Moeller 7:30pm South Metro Ice L 0-1 13-7-4
21-Jan @Olentangy 5:00pm Chiller North L 1-4 13-8-4
26-Jan @Bowling Green 6:30pm BGSU L 3-10 13-9-4
27-Jan Coffman 7:00pm South Metro Ice W 3-1 14-9-4
28-Jan @New Albany 4:00pm Easton Chiller L 1-3 14-10-4
1-Feb @Alter 4:10pm Kettering Rec W 7-1 15-10-4
2-Feb @Zionsville 8:00pm Carmel Ice Skadium L 1-3 15-11-4
3-Feb Jerome 8:00pm South Metro Ice L 1-3 15-12-4
4-Feb @Watterson 11:30am Springfield Chiller L 1-3 15-13-4
8-Feb CBJ Cup- @Olentangy Liberty 6:10pm Ice Haus L 2-3 15-14-4
9-Feb CBJ Cup 6:30pm Easton Chiller    
11-Feb CBJ Cup 7:00pm Ice Haus    
16-Feb Districts-Gahanna 6:30pm Chiller North W 7-1 16-14-4
17-Feb Districts- Elder 7:45pm Ice Haus W 3-2 (2OT) 17-14-4
18-Feb Districts- Jerome 12:45pm Ice Haus    
19-Feb Districts- TBD 3:45pm Ice Haus